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As a young person, growing up in Colorado I believed that my family of Bribach was very small indeed. The only Bribachs that I knew were my parents and brothers, my uncle, his wife and children, and my very Great-Uncle Eugene. It was hard to think that we were the only people named Bribach in the entire country.

I wondered where we came from. I became interested in genealogy and I discovered that my great-great-uncle was not the only Bribach to come to America. There were other relatives in St. Louis, and even more families in Chicago.

As the Internet grows and more information is available, I find that there are many other Bribachs in the world. There are Bribachs in Germany, France, South America. We may not all be related, but perhaps we are. My hope is to connect up these scattered Bribachs and see if we have anything in common, making information about "Bribach" available to anyone else who is searching.

A great-great aunt Bribach.
Somewhere in Europe.